What people are saying about Rush’s workshops

Here are samples of what people have to say about my presentations and workshops:

“Thanks for your workshop! You gave me practical and really easy to apply information that I could immediately start using in my business. It was exactly what I needed!”
— Janet Winkelman, President, Wink Fasteners, Inc. (posted with permission)

“Rush, you are an amazing speaker… The presentations you create are always relevant and current. Thanks for always being there to share your wisdom with us on how to improve as an individual, a manager, or a business.”
Jan Summers via LinkedIn

“I still remember listening to you speak in front of about 100 of us… The whole time you spoke, you could have heard a pin drop in the room. At the end of your presentation, there was unending applause. Thanks so much Rush for your amazing ability to speak, teach and inspire.”

“One of the best presentations I have seen. It kept my attention until the end. Rush was a great presenter.”

“One of the best presentations—ever! Very useful insight that can be used in any interaction with other people!”

“Rush Paul gave a very informative and captivating presentation on dealing with various personalities and learning about ourselves. Great job!”

“Rush did a great job — his presentation was both informative and entertaining. It helped me to view difficult people in a more objective way.”

“Breakout groups were a great way to immediately practice Rush’s effective tips for first steps to strategic networking. Theory is good – implementation is better!!! Thank you, Rush, for a dynamic presentation.”

“Fantastic presentation. Amazing how there are certain topics like marketing and networking that bring different approaches. Appreciated Rush’s empathy, candor, small groups, and terrific examples. Thank you!!”

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