Manager Skills Training Workshops

Training200The Critical 8 Training Workshops Develop Better Managers, Supervisors and Leaders
Critical 8 Workshops develop the key supervisory skills that drive improved performance, productivity and profitability. These workshops are not theoretical. They are highly pragmatic. Participants come away with skills to apply immediately in the workplace. Participants will improve their effectiveness managing people. See what people are saying about my presentations and workshops.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Managers
To Drive Your Business Success

I customize these workshops for “in-house” delivery to align with
your organization’s needs, policies and direction.
Contact me to discuss your needs!

Fundamentals of Managing Others

This workshop will improve your effectiveness as a Manager or Supervisor. It is highly recommended as an introductory course in managing others. Whether you’ve been managing for a long time, or you’re a first-time-manager, this program covers material all managers need to master. Highly recommended as a foundations class before taking intermediate or advanced workshops. Participants will learn:

  1. Setting performance expectations
  2. Coaching and giving feedback
  3. Delivering corrective action (disciplinary action)
  4. The fundamental legal principles of a manager’s accountability for non-discrimination, preventing harassment in the workplace, compensation and safety. (The federal law trio of EEO, FLSA and OSHA).

We’ll also discuss the role of a manager and how being named a manager changes your relationships with your co-workers. I’ve seen this failure to understand the role undermine many promising managers and create legal liability for the company that we’ve then all had to work hard to correct.

See what people are saying about Rush’s presentations.


The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a powerful but dangerous process. High performing organizations give and receive feedback in highly effective ways. Low performing organizations see feedback applied like a knife between the ribs, or as a stick across the shoulders, with destructive results. In this workshop, participants will learn how to use feedback productively to accelerate performance in the organization. Participants will learn the skills that enable direct, candid feedback that will be heard, embraced and acted on constructively. These feedback skills are highly effective both with subordinates and with co-workers (peers). Participants will also learn the skills of both receiving and asking for feedback from others in a way that builds leadership trust, a critical skill for effective managers.

See what people are saying about Rush’s presentations.


Performance Management That Drives Business Success

To have a successful team requires you to coach, improve and manage the performance of your employees and assist them to excel and grow in their work.  This workshop teaches managers how to:

  • Paint for employees a picture of their accountability for success in their jobs
  • Establish meaningful, relevant goals that drive successful performance and align to business objectives
  • Recognize when and how to give effective performance feedback
  • Utilize an effective job performance management model for assessing, documenting and discussing performance
  • Deal with the negative reactions to performance feedback
  • Apply corrective action when performance standards are not met
  • Define, investigate, document and discuss poor performance issues
  • Differentiate between performance and behavior when determining accountability, corrective action and next steps

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Knowing Yourself, Assessing Others and Working More Effectively

The workshop builds skills for more successfully engaging the world around you. It teaches the skill of assessing different behavioral and communication styles and then engaging others more effectively and productively with that knowledge.  Participants will receive their own behavioral style assessment, learn how their style interacts and/or conflicts with other styles, learn how to identify the primary style of others, and learn how to effectively adapt their style to better engage with those various other different styles we all find around us.      This program is highly beneficial for manager/supervisors, sales professionals, account managers and anyone whose success depends on building effective relationships with others. Customized programs for teams are available.

See what people are saying about Rush’s presentations.


Interviewing Skills: Be More Effective and Don’t Get Sued

This workshop trains participants to be more effective interviewers getting better results while reducing the risk of being sued. Participants will learn and practice behavioral interviewing, the process applied by most Fortune 500 companies leading to better hiring decisions. Participants will also learn the questions NOT to ask: those improper questions that can result in liability for discrimination. This workshop covers:

  • Behavioral Interviewing – the interviewing process used in most Fortune 500 companies to select candidates because past behavior is the best predictor of future performance.
  • Identifying the critical factors for success in the job and creating the preferred characteristics profile to be used in sourcing and selecting the best right candidate.
  • Hiring discrimination and how not to become a victim — know what you can ask and what you should not ask in the interviewing and selection process.

Participants will gain experience actually using the behavioral interviewing process and will receive my Interviewing Guide, Interview Documentation Worksheet and Guide to Questions Not to Ask.

See what people are saying about Rush’s presentations.


Conflict Management and Resolution

Managers must deal with conflict constructively, productively and effectively. This workshop gives participants the tools to assess the situation and then apply the conflict resolution strategy/process most likely to achieve results. Participants will look at the five possible responses to conflict: Competing, Accommodating, Avoiding, Collaborating and Compromising.  Our focus will be on:

  • The short and long-term effect of each of the 5 conflict management styles
  • The benefits of “managed” conflict and how it can lead to a healthy organization.
  • When it is appropriate to use one style versus another
  • Through case study exercises will learn how to communicate in a more responsive and professional manner using each of the styles

See what people are saying about Rush’s presentations.


Applying the Right Leadership Style at the Right Time

Learn to accelerate the performance of your team by applying the right leadership style at the right time. Effective leaders flex their leadership style so employees receive from them just what they need at that time for that task.

Managers who understand how to flex their leadership style and
provide what an employee needs at differing times
are more effective and build higher performing, more successful teams

Participants will learn the employee development cycle, what employees need for success at each stage, and how to assess where in the cycle an employee may be. They learn their own default leadership style, alternative styles, and to apply alternative style most likely to meet the employee’s current needs to drive accelerated performance.

See what people are saying about Rush’s presentations.

Coaching for Improved Performance

Coaching is the key to accelerating and sustaining high performance. Effective Coaching is the key skill that differentiates those managers who deliver the highest performance with their teams. In this workshop, participants will focus on the three major components of coaching – 1) coaching to develop new skills, 2) coaching to improve performance and 3) coaching to sustain performance.  We will cover:

  • Ways to motivate people using the “Platinum Rule”
  • How to ensure good performance is repeated
  • Steps to coaching for improved performance including preparation, conducting the discussion and the follow-up
  • Proper documenting of performance situations
  • Utilize a performance analysis model that will help you get to the root cause of performance issues
  • Cases studies in which participants will have an opportunity to practice their coaching skills
  • Proper coaching for dealing with offensive behaviors
  • Creating performance development plans that will grow, improve and maintain high levels of performance, and
  • Implementing corrective action plans when coaching is not delivering the required success.


Here are samples of what people have to say about my presentations and workshops:

“A really helpful focus on the realities of managing people — no ‘fluff’!”
– Workshop participant

“Thanks for your workshop! You gave me practical and really easy to apply information that I could immediately start using in my business. It was exactly what I needed!”
– Janet Winkelman, President, Wink Fasteners, Inc. (posted with permission)

“I still remember listening to you speak in front of about 100 of us… The whole time you spoke, you could have heard a pin drop in the room. At the end of your presentation, there was unending applause. Thanks so much Rush for your amazing ability to speak, teach and inspire.”

“One of the best presentations I have seen. It kept my attention until the end. Rush was a great presenter.”

“One of the best presentations—ever! Very useful insight that can be used in any interaction with other people!”

“Rush Paul gave a very informative and captivating presentation on dealing with various personalities and learning about ourselves. Great job!”

“Rush did a great job — his presentation was both informative and entertaining. It helped me to view difficult people in a more objective way.”

“Breakout groups were a great way to immediately practice Rush’s effective tips for first steps to strategic networking. Theory is good – implementation is better!!! Thank you, Rush, for a dynamic presentation.”

“Fantastic presentation. Amazing how there are certain topics like marketing and networking that bring different approaches. Appreciated Rush’s empathy, candor, small groups, and terrific examples. Thank you!!”



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