This practice has closed as of August 2017.  The presentations listed below are no longer available.
Speaking Endorsement

I make Practical Tips Presentations and facilitate workshops on a regular basis.
My goal is to provide information you need and can immediately apply in your business. Handouts available to our participants for several days following each presentation. Most program are provided without charge – it’s my way of giving back to the business community. Advance registration is highly recommended for any of these programs.

Let me bring some insights and some questions to be asking within your company to a next meeting of your professional organization. These Practical Tips presentations are 45-minute conversations designed to educate and provide actionable tips that participants can implement in their businesses, and 15-20 minute presentations that entertain and get the wheels turning are available for Rotary and similar meetings.

The Critical 8 Training Workshops that Develop Better Managers,
Supervisors and Leaders

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Here’s a summary of several presentations I’ve delivered for professional associations. Contact me to discuss if one would be right for yours.

Performance ReviewI hate Performance Reviews!
Every manager I’ve ever met hates doing performance reviews. And so do employees. So why do we persist in this abusive behavior?

Let’s talk about a different way of managing life without annual performance reviews. And let’s talk about something that will better meet your needs as a business owner and your employees’ desires for feedback and development.

Communication Skills2How to Make Difficult People Disappear …without going to jail

Sound familiar? Communication and behavior styles are wired in us and we’re all different. Learn to leverage diversity of thought to build higher performing teams and learn how to navigate those difficult personalities that cause you to bump and churn. We will provide you a framework for understanding yourself and others, build better communications, and create higher performing teams. Each participant will leave this workshop with their own communications style assessment and keys to how they can most effectively interact with others. This is a 90-minute program.

SuccessMoving Beyond Your Barriers for Success
“Good is the enemy of great,” writes Jim Collins. Keys to moving to a great company include:
1) understanding the 3 barriers to profitable growth,
2) applying the Rockefeller Habits demonstrated by outstanding Executive Teams, and
3) building the leadership team that allows your company to out-compete.
By the end of this program, you will have tools you can immediately apply in your company to accelerate your movement from being a good company to becoming a great company. This is a 90-minute program.

CompensationWhy Social Media is a Double-Edged Sword for Business Owners…  And How to Avoid Getting Skewered
Is it Risk Management, Compliance, Censorship, or Just Paranoia? Business success is more and more dependent on the savvy use of social media, but social media presents additional business challenges inside the workplace. The most commonplace activities your employees engage in online every day can become your company’s worst nightmare. This presentation will outline the risk points and give you some practical tips for reducing those risks while maintaining a robust engagement with social media by your business and your employees.

Hiring Right2Making the best hiring decision the first time
Have you ever been disappointed with a new employee? Did the person who showed up for work just not seem like the person you interviewed? Do you invest time training and then have turnover?

Sure, we all have. And turnover costs! …As much as 2-3 times the salary for the position. The solution is having a hiring process that will increase your likelihood of success. This presentation will teach you the five critical steps to more reliable and consistent hiring results. You will leave with tools and templates you can immediately apply in your company to improve your process.

Oh my goshMaking HR Easier for Small Business Owners – Key Employment Risks and How to Manage Them  
What you don’t know, and may not know to ask about, creates the most risk and trouble. This presentation covers the 5 key employment risks every small business owner needs to know. It gives practical advice on what to do and how to do it. You will come away knowing how to reduce your risk of violating the law, incurring fines or introducing employment claims and litigation into your business.

needhelp-transparentHealthcare Reform for Employers with 2-49 Employees
Confused by all the healthcare talk? If you’re a small business owner with 2-49 employees, we’ve got straight answers for you. So much information about the new healthcare changes are for employers with 50 or more employees. We thought it was time to talk specifically to those employers with 49 or fewer employees to provide straight answers to the questions that are important for you.

SuccessionBuilding a committed highly productive workforce.
How do you accelerate performance of your workforce and create commitment for success? The key is painting a picture for the employee of what success looks like, then coaching and then holding them accountable. This program gives practical advice you can implement immediately in your business.

Listening SkillsCan you hear me know? What gets in the way of effective communication and how do you change that?
So much of our communication with each other and our teams gets lost. This program explains why messages don’t get across and why working relationships often are not what you would want them to be. It provides practical insights you can apply to being more effective when your business depends on managing through others or building relations with others.

ABM article on MSNBC.comSo, why did Cavtel pay over $1 million to settle a lawsuit with the EEOC?
And what can we learn from that? Can you defend your company when a former employee accuses one of your managers of sexual harassment and files a lawsuit? Reduce your risks in workplace harassment. Understand the key steps you should take to protect yourself and your company when this “guilty until proven innocent” charge is raised.

Performance ManagementUnderstanding the ROI on Talent Management
Companies with well-structured talent management programs out-perform their peers. This talk unveils the ROI potential of proactively managing talent and shows how top-performing companies implement effective and proactive talent management programs.

The business imperative of an effective Diversity and Inclusion program
High performing companies understand that diversity and inclusion is not a “nice to have” business strategy. It is a business imperative in today’s competitive environment. Learn why and the challenges you should be addressing for your company.

Outperform your peers with high standards and accountability
Companies with a culture of high standards and accountability materially out-perform their peers. Companies that additionally build a culture in which employees are highly committed and willing to give their discretionary energy further out-perform. Learn key elements high performing companies bring together to deliver their success.

Compensation that your managers, your employees and your budget can understand
Understanding a new approach to compensation that improves your ability to:

      • Pay a competitive wage that your employees understand as providing fair value;
      • Reward the right people for their contribution to your company’s success;
      • Retain your most valuable contributors; and
      • Stay within your budget and what you can afford.


Practical Recommendations on Workplace Performance, Culture, Leadership and Risk Management.