Team Building, Conflict Resolution and Culture

I provide leaders with the skills, tools and perspective to build the workplace culture that fosters in people the willingness to give of their discretionary energy to the success of the organization.

I work with teams to accelerate their growth into collaborative, high-performing partners for success by facilitating the team to establishing a foundation of trust, candid dialog and feedback, constructive debate, agreed expectations of behaviors and the ability to execute with shared purpose.

I work with business partners who find that they are no longer working well together, or perhaps have never worked well together.

My services are frequently requested when a group is not achieving a level of expected performance, when some dysfunction seems to exist. I work with members of the team to assess the underlying issues holding them back from success and facilitate a process that will resolve those underlying problems to get the team on track.

I work with organizations to build respectful workplaces and to resolve conflict. As a diversity practitioner, I work with companies to create workplaces where each person’s unique talents, experiences and skills are valued and expectations for behavior are established that bring respect for the individual and create the environment that allows each individual to see how they can contribute and be successful.