Practice Development Coaching

How do you set up and build your own independent consulting or professional services practice? Sure, you have many years of experience doing what you do. You’ve had a great career in corporate and you have a lot to offer to other companies who need what you know.

But, now you’re going out on your own.

Are you ready to find clients, market your services, create your website, build relationships that drive referrals? This is not something our corporate careers typically prepare us to do and do well.

In a practice development coaching engagement, you and I to develop the strategies, techniques and processes needed to build a successful independent practice in today’s economy. We will work together to clarify your objectives, enable you to articulate your unique value proposition, and coach you on building an effective marketing and business development strategy. Our work together can include:

  1. Clarifying and articulating the problems you solve for clients (your value proposition, but from a purchaser’s perspective);
  2. Identifying market opportunities for the services you offer;
  3. Developing your marketing strategy and the processes/activities that will drive your business development efforts, including networking, relationship building, and effective social selling;
  4. Coaching you on setting up your business entity structure (e.g., LLC) and stepping you through the business license and home office licensing and insurance coverage needed to operate an independent practice;
  5. Accountability for maintaining focus on your strategic plan and accomplishing the activities needed to drive your success as a self-employed professional.
  6. Creating a website for your practice that is highly SEO compliant, designed to allow you to develop high organic search ranking on Google, and easily managed, updated and expanded by you once completed. (Annual costs to maintain the site can be under $50 per year if you follow my recommendations for web hosting.)
  7. Revising your LinkedIn profile to improve your visibility and relationship selling that is critical to build a practice today.