Career Coaching and Outplacement

I regularly work with professionals to improve their effectiveness in executing a successful job search or career transition. I teach the techniques, processes and skills needed for a more productive and efficient job search. I coach to define objectives, articulate one’s unique value proposition, build an effective personal marketing strategy, and execute in a consistent and highly accountable way,

Successful professionals know that their next career opportunity may well be with a company other than the company for which they currently work. And, today’s business environment frequently forces successful professionals into a career transition without much advance warning.

The work my clients and I do is tailored to their needs, typically including:

  • Resume development for impact and high appeal
  • LinkedIn training and profile development – the most important marketing tool available to you
  • Personal brand development – identifying your unique value proposition
  • Networking strategy and effectiveness
  • Interviewing skills training and coaching
  • Job offer and compensation negotiation consulting
  • Job entry and success coaching

If you are planning a job or career change, or need to find your next position, contact me so we can discuss how to be more effective and productive in your efforts.

Comments from those who have worked with me…

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rush for the past five years as we’ve assisted over 500 job seekers in finding employment. He’s been an amazing coach both when conducting workshops and providing one-on-one counseling. He provides honest, candid feedback grounded in a genuine concern to help others succeed. Job seekers give him rave reviews and look forward to his next workshop. They seek him out for personal counseling and advice.”
…Ed Landry, Founder & Leader, Jobs Assistance Ministry, Richmond, Virginia

“I have had the honor and pleasure to know and work with Rush Paul as a Career Coach. He has a special ability to listen without judgment and share his observations from a caring place. As a result of his comments and guidance, I have developed a very practical set of actionable steps for my search and am much more grounded and focused on my direction and the strategy I am pursuing. I highly recommend working with Rush.”
…Bob Goldberg, President & CEO, GCI CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES | GOLDBERG COMPANY, INC., Richmond, Virginia

“It’s a great honor and privilege to know Rush Paul. He belongs to the category of outstanding professionals, who tirelessly devote their time and efforts on creating the substantial changes in the lives of others. I’ve known Rush for almost 3 years as my Career Coach and Mentor. His fascinating talent to see the unique professional value of each person, coupled with strong career advices and deep understanding of personal branding strategies make Rush one of the best professionals in his field.”
…Roza Tulepbayeva, Board of Directors, Virginia International Business Council (VAIBC), Richmond, Virginia

“Rush has comprehensive knowledge of the challenges and actions needed to manage careers and transition. He created an orientation program for the job seekers Career Prospector group that has been used for years. He developed a resume template that’s used in presentations by other HR professionals. He’s assisted hundreds of candidates with connections and networking. Rush knows the issues and has a straight forward coaching approach that leads to career success.”
…Charlie Wood, Business Partner at Profiles International, Richmond, Virginia