Excellent Leaders Proactively Seek Greater Self-awareness

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. -AristotleExcellent leaders are self-aware, they know how they impact others, they understand their own “hot buttons,” and they continually strive for even greater awareness. I would argue that one can’t achieve excellence as a leader without great self-awareness.

What do these excellent leaders do differently?

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Leadership Behaviors Make or Break Companies

your actionsMy work with four different organizations over this past year have reinforced my conviction that leadership behaviors make or break organization success.

In three situations, the top leader was unaware that his behavior was directly contributing to the dysfunction in his company. In none of these situations was the top leader able to discover and fix these challenges on his own. Two required intervention by the board.

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I Promoted Tom – Now I May Have to Fire Him

60% of all new manager failWhat went wrong? We promote great people because they’re really good at what they do. Then far too often we watch as they crash and burn. Here are three examples where we failed our newly promoted manager by not providing the training and coaching needed for success…

Tom was fantastic with customers, he always asked the right questions, explored the right issues, delivered great results for both the company and our customers. He was a star in our customer service department. So, when it came time to name a new manager for the department, we turned to Tom. He was thrilled with the promotion! And filled with ideas about how the department could be better than ever.

Four months later, we’re having a serious conversation about firing him. 

  1. Two women in his department have raised sexual harassment complaints.
  2. Another person has complained that Tom is overbearing, can’t be satisfied, and micro-manages.
  3. We’ve received a letter from the attorney of a fourth employee in his department claiming retaliation taking time off due to a medical condition.

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