Are your lawyers also brilliant developers of great talent?

SuccessYour lawyers are brilliant legal practioners. Are your lawyers also brilliant leaders and developers of great talent?

Your firm is comprised of outstanding lawyers who deliver excellent legal work for their clients. You have invited them into the firm because of their reputation for outstanding work or for the great promise you see in them as students of the law. Individually, they are superb.

Yet to succeed, the firm additionally needs excellent teamwork, consistent mentoring that accelerates the success of new associates, interpersonal skills that enrich and multiply individual talents, and leadership that inspires and aligns for success. Continue reading


Are your lawyers ready to succeed where the practice of law meets the business of law?

Many challenges are re-shaping the practice of law.  The intersection with the business of law increasingly determines firm success and profitability as clients scrutinize every aspect of how law firms operate and bill for services.

  • The practice of Law: Are you building a high performance culture that feeds future productivity and success, for both your lawyers and your administrative staff? Organizational culture directly impacts Continue reading