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Richmond Times Dispatch, October 11, 2014: “When the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way Monday for same-sex marriage in Virginia and four other states, couples began getting married that day. Now, same-sex couples are also eligible for the same types of employer-provided benefits as other married couples. ‘People who are not thinking about it in that way need to re-calibrate their thinking,’ said R. Rushton Paul, a human relations consultant in Richmond.” [read more]

Richmond Times Dispatch, January 9, 2014: Coverage on Rush Paul’s presentation at The Creative Change Center on dealing with difficult people. “Paul, speaking Wednesday at a lunch talk for creative group C3, said the workplace can be full of difficult personalities, from dictators to know-it-alls to passive-aggressive bullies… He said the key to workplace harmony, and better productivity, starts when a person understands her own behaviors and emotional triggers, those “buttons” that set a person off… That led to Paul’s five survival skills for surviving difficult people in the workplace… ” See this link for the full article.
(This talk is one of Rush’s Practical Tips Presentations and derives from the executive team building and coaching work he provides to clients.)

Richmond Times Dispatch, October 6, 2013: Preparing for the health care reform “is a complicated topic, and everybody’s situation is somewhat different,” said R. Rushton “Rush” Paul, a human resources consultant in Richmond who has been advising small businesses on how to prepare for health care reform. Paul offers the following considerations…

Richmond Times Dispatch, August 12, 2013: …“There are some employment risks that can create huge costs and liability for you,” Paul said. “Some can be severe enough to put you out of business. If you are aware of them, you can manage them.” …Paul’s firm is hosting a free workshop called “Employment Risks That Can Sink a Small Business … and How to Manage Them” on Tuesday.

Virginia Engineers Conference Announcement, July, 2013: “Business success is more and more dependent on the savvy use of social media, but social media presents additional business challenges inside the workplace. The most commonplace activities your employees engage in online every day can become your company’s worst nightmare. This presentation [by R. Rushton Paul] will outline the risk points and give you some practical tips you can directly apply in your company.”

Richmond Times Dispatch, June 24, 2013: “If you’re an employer with fewer than 50 employees, says human resources expert R. Rushton Paul Jr., most of what you’re reading and hearing about health care reform simply does not apply to you…”

Richmond Times Dispatch, March 2, 2013: Learn more about our founder and principal, R. Rushton Paul, in this profile article in the Times Dispatch. Understanding that mistakes provide the power from which we grow, Rush shares two of his biggest mistakes.

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Richmond Times Dispatch, June 18, 2012: Avoiding five employment risks that can sink a business. ” ‘Every time a business owner opens his doors, he risks a government audit or a lawsuit,’ consultant Rush Paul said. The key to survival is managing that risk. Owners need to avoid risks that can “sink” a small business. Lawyers and government agencies are always on the lookout for businesses to sue or audit, he said. ‘You’re not paranoid if they’re really after you,’ he said.”

Richmond Times Dispatch, June 4, 2012Avoiding five employment risks that can sink a businessSmall-business owners have to wear many hats, said Rush Paul, and they usually don’t get to choose which ones are most important. “Managing employment risk is one hat most small businesses pay least attention to,” said Paul, a human resources management expert with a background in the legal profession. But federal tax, labor and civil-rights agencies, and plaintiffs’ attorneys “are all eager to catch you up on these,” he said. “Don’t let them.”
Paul, president of R. Rushton Paul Consulting in Richmond, will talk about “Five Employment Risks That Can Sink a Business” at a Greater Richmond Chamber program Wednesday. “As an employer, understand your key employment obligations and risks,” Paul said. “Then understand how to manage them.”

Quoted in WorkIt Richmond, April 25, 2012: Should you have a paternity leave policy? “Employees are attracted to join and stay with companies whose values are consistent with their own and where the employee believes he or she can be successful. If the values you seek to reflect in your employment brand include an effective work/life balance, don’t forget the men in your company. If being identified as a diverse and inclusive organization is important, create policies that are as gender neutral as possible. In either case, including a paternity leave policy is part of the equation. As you create your paternity policy, be sure to plan for how you intend to address adoption, same-sex partners, leave before birth or adoption (not just after), and additional unpaid versus paid leave.”

Can an Employee be Fired for “Friending” Their Boss? Answers to HR Social Media Nightmares – program for The Workplace Training Center, approved for 1.5 hours HRCI re-certification credit, April 19, 2012.

The Mechanicsville Local, February 1, 2012. Quoting from on our presentation for the Greater Richmond Chamber’s Hanover Business Council.  “If you’re in business today, you probably have a website or maybe you’re on Facebook and Twitter… If you have employees, you need social media policies.”

Richmond Times Dispatch, December 21, 2011, Our four favorite social media tips: Adapted from a talk by Rush Paul, “Define who speaks for your company on social media platforms: You wouldn’t let your accounting department operate in a free-form vacuum, so don’t let your social media policy be fuzzy. Designate someone to monitor and respond to social media postings. Make them the owner of the process. Establish a back-up “responder” and make sure the primary person trains the back-up.”

Work It, Richmond, December 9, 2011, following our presentation for the Greater Richmond Chamber on “Why Social Media is a Double-Edged Sword for Business Owners.”

Richmond Times Dispatch, November 14, 2011, summarizing our upcoming Practical Tips Presentation, applying an HR and Risk Management perspective to social media, for the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce on November 16, 2011.

Presentation for Henrico Business Leaders, October 19, 2011
Why Social Media is a Double-Edged Sword for Business Owners…
…and How to Avoid Getting Skewered

Quoted in Work It, Richmond Power Thoughts, October 10, 2011: “People will rise to your expectations, provided you treat them with fairness and respect, set clear and achievable objectives, coach for success and hold everyone on the team accountable for meeting her agreed objectives.”

Richmond Times Dispatch, September 6. 2011: You need to meet: Rush Paul –  Says Rush, “We work with owners of small- and mid-sized companies who understand that: 1) companies with cultures of high standards and accountability materially outperform their peers; 2) employees will rise to the expectations set by those they trust and respect; and 3) culture starts with top leadership.”

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