Leading Through Change

change-300Do you manage change or do you lead through change?

For me, change has always been a leadership issue. As business owners or other leaders in our organization, it’s up to us to lead our organizations, our teams and our peers through change to our desired outcomes.

My years of moving people and organizations through change have convinced me of 4 Rules:

  1. Change Is Hard

    People will adjust to practically anything if it’s communicated properly;

    And they will get upset over next to nothing if it’s not.

  2. We Always Underestimate

    Leaders underestimate the time needed to adjust to change because…

    We have already been thinking, planning, working with it long before any announcement.

    Our people have not.

  3. You can’t bypass the natural change cycleHABCC Seminar 9-9-14

    Everyone goes through it.

    You can only accelerate passage.

    Be prepared and have a plan.

  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate

    Why are we doing this?

    What are the benefits?

    What is the impact on me?

    Stay on message. Stay on your talking points. Then do it again.

And all of us go through a natural cycle of resistance, concern, testing and acceptance when it comes to change. Known as the Kubler-Ross Change Curve, we discount this natural and ever-occurring cycle at our peril. It looks something like this for organizations making changes:

Change Cycle

Our role in this change cycle, and the area in which we can be impactful as leaders, is to reduce that dip in the cycle. We can never eliminate it. It’s always there. But we can accelerate the time it takes our people and the organization to transition through it. If we can accomplish that, we’re doing good things for our organizations and the people around us:

Change Cycle shortened

What’s the key to accomplishing this? Read the 4 Rules above.

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