Ambush Unionizing Elections and the NLRB

Oh my goshThe NLRB has reissued its controversial proposed regulations permitting union organizers to ambush companies with greatly shortened notification times for unionizing elections. These regulations were originally proposed in 2011, faced vociferous opposition from business groups and the D.C. Court of Appeals invalidated them on a technicality. The NLRB has returned for another shot at implementing them. Business owners should be very concerned.

But, more importantly, business owners have a proactive defense to union organizing efforts IF YOU’RE PAYING ATTENTION.

Employees don’t organize lightly. The root causes of organizing efforts are: your workplace environment, your work culture, your compensation practices, your leave and flexible work policies. Every employer can proactively assess and address these issues of employee engagement and commitment. Do it well and employees have no interest in paying dues to a union.

For more information about the proactive work you can do to protect your business, read my article on Achieving Sustainable Growth and related articles on workplace culture.

For more information about the proposed regulations, see this article from McGuireWoods, LLP.

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