Preventing Train Wrecks

RRP Download200How does one best communicate the value one brings to a client? We all try in various ways. Yet people keep asking me “What do you do?”

This brochure is my latest effort to crisply (I hope) summarize the kind of work I do for my clients and answer that question.

My marketing friends tell me: Keep it focused to just a few items that you want to be known for! Be known for just two or three key things you do, and preferably one. I just couldn’t do that in this brochure. But I’ve been thinking about this advice.

So, okay, my ONE THING is just this: “I prevent train wrecks.”

Got that? Yes, train wrecks. As in prevent

  1. keep (something) from happening or arising.
    “action must be taken to prevent further accidents”
    synonyms: stop, put a stop to, avert, nip in the bud, fend off, stave off, ward off;


What happens to your business when the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division sends you a penalty letter saying you owe the government $75,000 for fines and back pay because your employees were not correctly classified for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?  Train wreck.      [Article]

What happens when your leadership team is dysfunctional and fails to carry a common unified message to the workforce or doesn’t take ownership or go around each other rather than collaboratively, transparently and constructively with each other?  Train wreck.  

What happens when your turnover continues to rise and you’re not getting the talent you need?  Train wreck.     [Article]

What happens when a female employee resigns, then charges that she was sexually harassed by her supervisor, and the EEOC has scheduled an investigation?  Train wreck.    [Article]

What happens when your managers are not effective in accelerating the performance and accountability of the teams reporting to them?  Train wreck.    [Article]

What happens when your employees are going the extra step to really take care of a customer, are not effectively planning and using their time, are not applying their talent and creativity for the success of your organization, are not thinking like an owner but are only putting in their time for a paycheck?  Train wreck.    [Article]


All of these situations are PREVENTABLE with the right policies, practices, training, team building and culture development within your company.

And this is what I do. I work with business owners to drive performance, productivity, effectiveness and profitability. My focus is on the people and people dynamics in the company. This comes in a broad range of solutions and work the business owner and I will accomplish together. The short list is that I work with business owners to:

  • Manage the employment risks that can sink your business
  • Hire the right people the first time.
  • Get employees to think like an owner
  • Create teams with high performance and accountability

Yep, this is all about preventing train wrecks. Call me so we can identify where you and I should work together!

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