Achieving sustainable growth requires commitment

MP900398775Achieving sustainable growth requires commitment from the whole company to build a culture that can adapt to ongoing changes in a competitive environment.In it’s research, the Gallup organization identifies six crucial components that determine a company’s ability to create a high-performance culture — one that improves top- and bottom-line business metrics.

  1. Implement an effective performance management process.
  2. Create empowerment and authority.
  3. Increase leadership capability at all levels of the company.
  4. Develop a customer-centric strategy.
  5. Increase communication and collaboration.
  6. Enhance training and development.

We’ve written previously about several of these components and it’s clear that leaders struggle to decide which changes to implement first. Gallup’s research recognizes that all six must be integrated effectively to ensure success. They conclude: “The key differentiator among the most engaged companies is a heightened intent to change — and that commitment to change has enhanced their brand with employees and customers.” Read Gallup’s full article here.

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