Are your lawyers also brilliant developers of great talent?

SuccessYour lawyers are brilliant legal practioners. Are your lawyers also brilliant leaders and developers of great talent?

Your firm is comprised of outstanding lawyers who deliver excellent legal work for their clients. You have invited them into the firm because of their reputation for outstanding work or for the great promise you see in them as students of the law. Individually, they are superb.

Yet to succeed, the firm additionally needs excellent teamwork, consistent mentoring that accelerates the success of new associates, interpersonal skills that enrich and multiply individual talents, and leadership that inspires and aligns for success.

Below are examples of work we accomplish with lawyers to build skills not taught in law school, but necessary to the success of any law firm:

  • Behavior and Communication Styles: Know Your Impact on Others. Learn Skills to Build Better and More Effective Working Relationships. Both leadership and the ability to build relationships and influence others are grounded in self-awareness. This program uses a communications and behaviors style assessment to clarify for individuals how they most naturally resolve problems, interact with others and “show up” in the world. Understanding this information creates awareness of how others actually experience the individual and how the individual is most likely to be impacted by others with different behavior and communication styles. This one-on-one exploration is then followed by a group workshop that teaches how to apply this understanding of communication and behavior styles to identify the predominant styles of others and to use this knowledge as a tool for creating better and more effective working relationships.
  • Leadership Skills to Accelerate Development:  Your lawyers are entrusted with your most valuable assets: more junior associates and staff.  This programs applies that concepts of situational leadership to enable leaders to rapidly and effectively develop those around them. The situational leadership model, developed by Kenneth Blanchard and Paul Hersey, holds that managers must use different leadership styles depending on the situation. The model allows one to analyze the associate’s or employee’s competence and commitment, and then to apply the most appropriate leadership style to accelerate performance with the goal of developing teams comprised of self-reliant decision makers who are highly competent and able to meet the needed challenges in the organization.
  • Business Development | Client Acquisition:  Your lawyers need to excel at winning new clients, expanding business with existing clients, and creating clients who are your greatest fans.  This is a team-based coaching program that teaches lawyers the skills needed for acquiring new clients and deepening and enhancing relationships with existing clients. The program is based in learning the sales development cycle and learning to apply a strategy to building long term, trusted relationships that result in client acquisition. This program is team-based, with both group and one-on-one coaching, because of our philosophy that a successful law firm is not simply an umbrella for a variety of unconnected legal practices; there is power in collaboration.
  • Conflict and Effective Feedback:  Are your lawyers effective in providing peer feedback, or feedback to associates and staff, in a way that strengthens the firm and your culture?  Sharing feedback among peers is a learned skill. When doing so becomes an accepted part of your culture, performance of teams and among associates accelerates dramatically. This program teaches the skills needed to provide feedback in a way that strengthens relationships and teams. The program also teaches how great leaders seek out feedback to build their own success and accelerate the success of their organizations.

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