Are your lawyers ready to succeed where the practice of law meets the business of law?

Many challenges are re-shaping the practice of law.  The intersection with the business of law increasingly determines firm success and profitability as clients scrutinize every aspect of how law firms operate and bill for services.

  • The practice of Law: Are you building a high performance culture that feeds future productivity and success, for both your lawyers and your administrative staff? Organizational culture directly impacts the bottom line. In high performance cultures, members contribute more of their discretionary effort, drive results more collaboratively, and solve problems more creatively and quickly. Getting there requires skills not taught in most law schools.
  • The business of Law: Do you have a cadre of capable and effective next leaders who can also manage the business of law? The demands of the business of law set new challenges for management by lawyers: developing and retaining top talent; setting objectives and managing performance; creating and leading high performing teams; and recognizing and rewarding superior performance to improve motivation, retention and engagement.
  • Business development: Do your lawyers excel at winning new clients, expanding business with existing clients, and creating clients who are your greatest fans? Great rainmakers do this intuitively. Others can become effective with training and coaching, but just attending a seminar is a waste of time and effort.
  • Talent development: Are you attracting, developing and retaining the right talent to drive success? Retention comes from more than pay, and leverage continues to define profitability. Create career opportunities to attract and retain excellent legal talent at lower cost and enhance per partner/shareowner profits. Build the workplace that attracts and retains great talent.

If you are confident in answering “yes,” I would love to understand what you have done to get where you are. If challenges like the ones I mentioned are leaving you on edge, an initial conversation may be useful. In either case, let’s talk.

When employees drive your business success…
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