With gratitude to so many clients and friends who have made this a wonderful journey over the past seven years, I’m pleased to announce that my practice has now closed as of August 2017. I will be transitioning to retirement and the pursuit of new adventures with my spouse as we enjoy more time for travel, music, hobbies and family. 
I wish you the very best.


HR that accelerates business success…


I work with CEOs and business owners to establish employment practices, build effective teams, and drive performance accountability that increase profitability and value.

I work with you to reduce employment risks and ensure you have the right talent in place doing the right things.

I improve leadership effectiveness and help you build high-performing teams.

I work with your managers to enhance employee performance, productivity and accountability.

I work with you to create the workplace culture that encourages the greatest contribution from your employees and attracts the best talent to your company. Your company can outperform your peers when we create a workplace where employees think like an owner and are willing to contribute their discretionary energy to the company’s success.

In summary, when your business success depends on people, we need to have a conversation.

I help your people perform better. I help your leaders become more effective. I work with you to get the right policies, tools, and training in place to hire the right people, to develop and retain your people, and to move your people to high levels of performance, loyalty, and productivity. I also show you where and how to reduce your risks as an employer.

My services and solutions are custom-designed to your business, your goals, how you provide your services, and the culture you wish to build or maintain.

I bring proven solutions and more than 30 years of experience creating high performing organizations. But these are my toolkit from which I draw in supporting your needs, not set of packaged products or canned solutions I am selling. I work with you and your executive team collaboratively to understand your issues and opportunities, then consult with you on strategies and approaches that will improve Rush in conversationyour organization, your leadership team, your practices and process, to enhance your success.

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An initial conversation is free, without obligation, and completely confidential. Contact me today to schedule time for us to talk.

When employees drive your business success…
We should talk.